Friday, April 8, 2011

How Facebook Has Changed the World

Earlier this evening, I left my office in the Chicago loop and hailed a cab. The train station is only about a mile from my office, but it was Friday evening and I had nine minutes to catch my train.

In typical harried downtown professional fashion, I slid into the cab and offered up my destination while at the same time digging for cash for the fare and checking the new email making my phone jingle repeatedly...and then I looked down.

Sliding out from under the driver's seat was a satiny black bra, somewhat padded, with rhinestones.

I looked at the driver. It didn't appear to be his size.

In days gone by, I would have debated about what to do next. Should I mention it to the driver? Pick it up? Pretend not to see it? Get out the other side in case cooties might jump off of it and assault me?

But no more. Today, my course of action was crystal clear: I snapped this picture and posted it to Facebook from my phone, before I ever left the cab.

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