Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Tiffany Mash-Up

I wanted to call this post, "Google+ is Ruining My Life," but I was afraid you'd take me seriously and I'd get 25 helpful comments telling me how to turn off that damned auto-sharing thing. I've figured out how to do that, but the problem runs deeper: I knew I was in trouble the minute Google Authorship became a thing.

See, I have a lot going on.

On some level, I suspect that most people who interact with me are aware of that. But, that doesn't mean they're (you're?) interested in all of it.

For example, do my law school admissions consulting clients know that I also do marketing? Possibly. And they probably don't care. But, do the attorneys I do marketing for know (or want to know) that I also write romance novels, and I used to write erotica? Do any of you want to see pictures of my Hot Wheels? Read my dog blog post about killing fleas with oatmeal? Do the readers of my relationship blog want to hear tips on writing a more effective law school admissions essay? Check out the watercolors for my children's-book-in-progress?

Probably, if you're following me on Google+, it's because you're a lawyer, a marketer or a writer. Quite possibly, you have no interest in the crazy questions that I pull out of my search stats and answer on one blog, or the pictures of my family that I often post here...and I'd bet money that most of you would have been happier never knowing that I'm stalking Richard Grieco (professionally, of course).

But, there it all is. Google has decided to pull together my bylines and to auto-share everything that I post on any of my 13 blogs, and I've decided not to fight it any more.

I won't be offended if you unfollow me.

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