Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me...

Okay, it's not my birthday.

Still, I want to whine a little.

Wednesday was actually my birthday, and it began with the painful onset of a new round of ovarian cysts and a migraine. One of my daughter's friends had a (serious) crisis and ended up spending the whole day with us, which led my daughter to abandon her plan to go shopping with my mother for a gift for me, which further led my daughter to breaking down crying in the evening because she didn't have a gift for me.

Because things have been unbelievably busy at work and we're working mandatory full days on Saturday and I was just getting back up to speed from my first round of cysts and my mother had been having medical problems, I canceled the cookout I was supposed to be having today to celebrate my birthday.

There's a certain irony in this. You see, for the past few years I've been resolutely ignoring my birthday to the point that it's made things tough on my friends and family. I've flat-out refused to celebrate. This year, after a life-altering realization at Easter, I was quite eager to celebrate with everyone from my past and present, and invited more people to celebrate with me than I've ever hosted in one place in my life.

And's illness...unexpected mandatory trip to New can do.

But it turns out that it's a VERY GOOD THING that I canceled my cookout today.

You see, when my daughter got out of the shower around noon today, there was a suspicious gurgling noise in my laundry closet. Apparently, pipes gurgle when they DISCHARGE A BUNCH OF RAW SEWAGE ALL OVER YOUR KITCHEN FLOOR.

So we're supposed to be going out to dinner with my family tonight, but I'm currently sitting at my house waiting for various plumbers and other professionals to clean and rout and patch and whatever else it is they have to do to make my house a house again. At the moment, it smells like a swamp and I can't take a much for the whole "I'll wait until this afternoon since we're going out tonight" thing.

The only upside is that I'm laughing. It's a somewhat bitter and ironic laugh, I'll admit, but I'm just sure that it's better than crying.


Kevin Goodman said...

Happy birthday. Hope Mario and Luigi got every thing fixed and working again. :)

Kat said...

Your ugly, old and need to get a life

RockStories said...

Perhaps...but at least I'm well-versed in which form of "your" is appropriate under any given circumstance...


Barb said...

Kat, I'm a New Yorker now so trust me when I say, "Shut it or I'll shut it for you." Although I guess if I was a real New Yorker and not a recovering Southerner, I'd probably also use the word to describe you that I'm thinking. And while you're (note the appropriate use of the contraction) fixing your typo, try getting some punctuation, why don't you?

Tiff, I'm sorry I'm only just now reading this. Since we've done nothing for the entire time we've been in New York but call various plumbers to fix our Austin house so it can (please, please) sell, I feel your pain. And I know it was disgusting and horrible but just BE GLAD YOU WERE HOME WHEN IT HAPPENED. Just sayin'.