Saturday, March 21, 2009

High Score...97

Unfortunately, that's not a test score. It's a bowling score. My stepdaughter's bowling score, to be exact--in our first game this evening, she unfortunately beat her boyfriend, me, my daughter and my stepson with that 97. Our "team" score was 351. That was just the first game, though. I swept the second one with a 132--just 32 pins below my once-upon-a-time average. But I don't think anyone was really in it for the bowling, anyway.

My daughter seemed primarily concerned with snapping pictures of her nephew with her cell phone. We haven't seen him for a few months, and he's changed a lot. Then, she showed him the pictures. I'm not sure he really got it, but it LOOKS like he's paying attention.

The boys had a good time.

But it seems that bowling was hard on the girls. They look more like they're stranded in an airport than out for the evening...

Mommy and baby cheer daddy on (while in the background, daddy falls on his butt as he releases his ball...)

Falling was a big theme of the evening, actually...Shawn tried to scoot over to pose with Andrew and his aunt, but something went wrong...something about only two legs of the chair being on the ground.... There was no alcohol involved in this evening, I swear!

Somebody's worn out at the end of the day.

In all honesty, the "somebody" is probably me--but this little cutie rubbing his eyes when he came in to say goodnight was too good to pass up.

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Grumpy said...

I love the way you worded the pictures. I laughed at the one where it looks like they were waiting at the airport. LOL