Wednesday, February 13, 2008

OMGMMR! (And who really needs $353, anyway?)

Yesterday, I wrote about paying $353 for two tickets to the Jonas Brothers Concert at the Allstate Arena.

Tradition in our family is that we celebrate birthdays on the weekend; on the actual birthday, if it doesn't fall on the weekend, we just have a nice dinner and give one gift. Of course, in my daughter's case this usually means one gift from me and one from my parents and sometimes one from my sister.

Of course I wanted to give her the tickets as soon as possible, and of course I don't have them yet, so I printed out the seating chart for the Allstate Arena and marked her seats and gave that to her over dinner.

Her eyes got very wide and she said, "I can't scream in Chipotle, right?"

The remainder of our dinner conversation was a series of comments like, "It will be the real actual them."

At one point she actually said that her cheeks hurt, but she couldn't stop smiling.

She tried. She really couldn't.

We talked a little more about the fact that we'd be in the same room (albeit a very large one) with the Jonas Brothers.

We talked a little bit about how she'd tell everyone she knew, one at a time, at school today.

She folded up the seating chart, wrote "look at me all the time" on the outside of it, and said that she was going to carry it in her pocket today.

When we got back in the car, she got on the phone, and said, "OMG MMR!"

Apparently (you may already be aware) this means "Oh my God, My Mom Rules!"

When we got out of the car she asked if she could finally scream and I said yes and she did, and it didn't seem the least bit put on. She stood in the kitchen and stomped her feet and yelled, "I'm going to see the Jonas Brothers!" and then she did it again. And then she covered her mouth, but the foot-stomping took a little time to die down.

At bedtime, since she's still on the cusp, she showed the seating chart to her stuffed animals.

And I started understanding those thousand-dollar tickets.

Later, I talked to my mother. My mother's outlook on my spending money is very predictable. She gasps lightly and says, in a drawn-out and rather dramatic way, "Yo...u' craaaaazy!"

Not this time. She said, "I can still remember the look on Tori's face the first time she saw the carousel at Charlestowne Mall. And dancing in the aisles at Molly. No, it's worth it."


Barb said...

I understand it now, too. Dude, if every present you gave got that kind of a reaction, I bet you'd give more presents.

My girls are younger and I don't know who the Jonas Brothers are.

But my husband paid $1000 to take our family to see Paul McCartney becasue he wanted our daughters to be able to say that they saw one of the Beatles perform live.

absolutelytrue said...

I did not know OMGMMR.. well, I didn't know what the MMR part meant. I'd say those tickets were worth every penny.