Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Restraint You Never Knew You Needed

The night before last, I put some vegetables in the microwave for four minutes and then went about dishing out the rest of dinner and pouring the drinks and all that. When I was done, there were still 49 seconds to go on the vegetables. Immediately, I started weighing my options. Would the vegetables be hot enough if I took them out after just three minutes? Did they really NEED that additional 49 seconds? And if so, was there something else productive that I could do during those 49 seconds?

You're probably thinking that by the time I was done analyzing all that, the 49 seconds were over, but it's not true. I think fast and time moves slowly when you're just waiting, and there were still 42 seconds remaining when I realized that I could just wait. It was hard. Not doing anything for 42 seconds was a significant act of will and it seemed like an eternity.

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Anonymous said...

That's what NPR is for. (And in my case the lack of a diskwasher and the constant presence of more to be washed.)