Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tell the Truth...Do I Look Like an 80s Metalhead?

If you've visited my writing blog, you've seen a couple of recent pictures of me, including a charming family portrait with a llama from Christmastime. And really, it's time for you to step up and be brutally honest.

The other night, I was sitting at the kitchen table working on my laptop when my daughter came in and started playing with my hair. "Your hair looks so pretty," she said, and I was happy about that, because a little over a year ago I cut my hair very short for medical reasons and it's bothered me ever since. I'm not one to get hung up on looks--I don't wear much make-up and I wear one pair of plain flat black shoes the vast majority of the time, and I've had a lot of my clothes for longer than I've had my middle-schooler--but with short hair I just didn't look like ME. It's finally starting to grow out. Slowly.

So I said, "Thanks," and she continued to examine my hair and pointed out that it was a lot of different lengths and she really liked it. And then she said, "It looks like this guy."

And she pointed to her t-shirt.

A t-shirt of my husband's, from the eighties.

A t-shirt with Metallica on it.

This isn't the exact picture on the shirt, but it's the same era. It was the guy in the front on the right she was pointing to.'s time to take a deep breath and do the right thing. If I look like a guy from Metallica, someone needs to speak up.


Bobbie said...

I'm just going to mutter something about "in the eyes of the beholder." To me, you do not resemble anything Metallica-y (at least in the pictures I've seen of you), but to your daughter... Anyway, take comfort in the fact that her spin on the perception was that your hair looked "pretty."

RTBjr73 said...

I am going to have to say that you are MUCH prettier than Lars Ulrich.