Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Single Best Piece of News in the World

Oreos no longer contain trans fats.

And they don't taste any different.

This may be old news to you or, though it's hard for me to imagine this, maybe this isn't a big deal in your life.

But listen: I was willing to risk all of our lives in order that Oreos not change. I was okay with the fact that KFC changed (and not for the better) in order to dump the trans fats. They're hideously bad for you. I was outraged that Burger King wouldn't play along, and we don't eat there anymore. But I wasn't really in support of trans fat banning legislation, might affect Oreos.

It didn't.

I'm very happy.


absolutelytrue said...

That is wonderful news. Oreo is my favorite cookie. It's good to know our relationship will not change.

Anonymous said...

You know, I tried some Oreos last year again for the first time in a long time after getting used to the "healthier" alternatives at Whole Foods, and, well, they had no flavor. None at all. Hope sharing that with you doesn't make me too much of a Grinch.